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Model MGD-QW5013 Both poles Detection High-sensitivity Magnetic Sensor NEW 


  • Magnet detection
  • Automatic guided vehicles guidance, stop


  • Uses a magnetism focusing mechanism that makes it particularly strong against ambient temperatures.
  • The magnetism forcusing mechanism is very useful as the sensor can detect at a long distance targets with a wide surface but a weak magnetic flux, like magnet tape.
  • The detected poles (N-pole and S-pole) are output separately.
  • Equipped with diodes to protect the sensor from reverse power polarity and output surges.
  • The LEDs indicating the operation (red for N-pole detection and green for S-pole detection) make it easy to grasp the operation condition.

International Standards

  • Our products do not have overseas safety regulations such as CE mark, UL standard, EN standard etc.
  • Products is compliant to the RoHS directive.

* Please consult about "change of specification" and "request of specification" of the product.


Rating / Performance

Model MGD-QW5013
Detection Surface Front side detection
Detection Sensitivity 500 μT ± 150 μT(With a magnet tape of 30×30×t1.5mm)
Power Supply Voltage 12 V to 24 V DC (Operating voltage range: 10 V to 30 V DC), Ripple 1% or less
Current Consumption 20 mA DC or less
Output Pch MOSFET Open drain 30 V DC, 50 mA DC or less
Output Residual Voltage 1 V DC or less (Load current 50 mA DC)
Operation Status Normally open (Output ON with magnetic field)
Operation Indicator LED : Red with N-pole detection, Green with S-pole detection
Response Time 300 μs or less
Hysteresis 75 μT or less (With a magnet tape of 30 × 30 × t1.5 mm)
Detection Polarity N-pole and S-pole
Reference Detection
47 mm (*The MG50-1 series)
Operating Set Distance 5 to 33 mm (*The MG50-1 series)
Temperature Range -10 to 60 °C(-20 to 65 °C storage temperature range)
(Without dew condensation or icing)
Humidity Range 95 % RH or less(95%RH or less storage humidity range)
(Without dew condensation)
Dielectric Strength 500 V AC for 1 minute (Between the live part and case)
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ or more at 500 V DC megger(Between the live part and case)
Vibration Resistance 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude in X, Y, and Z directions for 2 hours each (at power off)
Shock Resistance 500 m/s² (Approx. 50 G) in  X, Y, and Z directions 3 times each (at power off)
Protection IP67
Case Material ABS resin
Cable ø4, 4-core round cord of 0.2 mm² and 1 m in length (Oil and heat resistant vinyl)
Weight Approx. 32g


Outline Dimensions/Output Circuit

Outline Dimensions


Output Circuit



Usage Precautions

  • Any magnetic object near the mounting position of this sensor could affect the magnetic flux density. Leave the sensor 40 mm or more away from the magnetic object.
  • If there are magnetic objects with residual magnetism in the surroundings of this sensor, the detection distance will vary. Pay attention to the mounting position and orientation of the sensor.
  • For other precautions, refer to“General Precautions” for magnetic sensors.


Detection Area Diagram

Precautions with Detection Area Diagram and Reverse Polarity Flux (Typical Example) 



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Quote / Order

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