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Model MGD-28M Electromagnetic Sensor


  • Positioning of the machine or the like using a magnet
  • Position detection of metal pallets or moving tables using magnets
  • Detection of the position of the multi-storey car park, etc.


  • Molded type that can be used safely even in places where water may splash.
    Both N-pole and S-pole can be detected.

International Standards

  • Our products do not have overseas safety regulations such as CE mark, UL standard, EN standard etc.
  • Products is compliant to the RoHS directive.

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Rating/Performance/Reference Detection Distances


Model MGD-28M MGD-28M1
Detection Surface Front side detection
Detection Sensitivity Detection : 3.5 mT (35 G) or more (At the standard point),
Reset : 0.3 mT (3 G) or less (At the standard point)
Power Voltage 12 V to 24 V DC (Operating voltage range: 10 V to 30 V DC)
Power Consumption 10 mA DC or less
Output N-channel MOSFET Open drain 30 V DC, 100 mA DC or less
Output Residual Voltage 1 V DC or less (Load current 100 mA DC)
Operation Status Normally open (Output ON at magnetic detection) Normally closed (Output OFF at magnetic detection)
Operation Indication Red LED (Lit when On output)
Response Frequency 400 Hz or more
Temperature Range -25 to 70 °C (-25 to 70 °C during storage)
(Without dew condensation or freezing)
Humidity Range 98 % RH or less (98 % RH or less during storage)
(Without dew condensation)
Breakdown Voltage 1000 V AC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min (Between live parts and casing)
Insulation Resistance 50 MΩ or more, at 500 V DC megger (Between live parts and casing)
Vibration Resistance Durability : 10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude: 1.5 mm in X-, Y-, and Z-direction,each 2 hours (Device not powered)
Shock Resistance Durability : 500 m/s² (Approx. 50 G) in X-, Y-, and Z-direction, each 3 times (Device not powered)
Ingress Protection IP67
Case Material PBT reinforced with glass-fiber
Cable ø6.1 , 3-core round cord of 0.5 mm² and insulation 1.9 mm and 1 m in length (VCTF)
Weight Approx. 71 g

Reference Detection Distances


Dimensions/Output Circuit



Output Circuit


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Model Name Output configuration Standard Price Inventory Type Select
MGD-28M Normally open
4,030 JPY
33 USD
30 EUR
MGD-28M1 Normally closed
4,030 JPY
33 USD
30 EUR

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