Online Shop - Terms & Conditions

Online Shop - Terms & Conditions

This website is operated by SENSATEC Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “SENSATEC”), and any purchase orders for our products listed on our websites shall be made in the manner prescribed by SENSATEC.
By placing an order via this website (as described in Article 1) or utilizing this website for any other purpose, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. Please be sure to read them thoroughly.
The Terms and Conditions of our website are subject to change without prior notice. When placing an order, you are responsible for being familiar with the current version of these Terms and Conditions as posted on the website.

Article 1.  Definition

“Website” means the web pages operated by SENSATEC on the Internet.

Article 2.  Formation of Agreement

  • If you wish to purchase our products, submitting an order in accordance with the method designated by us constitutes an offer from you to purchase the products.
  • When placing an order through our online shop, you are required to comply with the Terms and Conditions herein, and any procedures and conditions described in the service information pages or any other pages on this website. Any conditions regarding the delivery of products, as well as those requirements when placing an order or purchasing products, including the price of the products, shall be as specified on the relevant page.
  • Your order will be accepted and so an agreement to purchase will be formed between you and SENSATEC once you press the [ORDER] button on the website.
  • We will take an order submitted by you as proof of your acceptance of and consent to the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions.
  • After SENSATEC receives your order, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your order. Please note that under no circumstances will we accept liability for any damages that may arise as a result of the absence of, failure to send and/or receive, or the delay of such an email confirming that we have received your order.
  • Please contact us if an invoice is not received after three (3) business days from the date that the purchase order was placed with us.
  • If you are under the age of 18 years and wish to use our online shop service, you will require the consent of a legal guardian.
  • SENSATEC may confirm your personal information, such as the delivery address, either by sending you an email. In case the order is still pending after seven (7) days have elapsed, please be advised that the order will be canceled.
  • Regarding cancellation of an order due to inadequate order information or data loss: SENSATEC has the right, without notice, to cancel unconditionally your order information or terminate the purchase agreement, in such cases where: information you have provided is inadequate or incomplete, unexpected data losses occur due to a fault or problem with the equipment providing the service, or where there is a fault with the communication link.
  • Any orders placed after 17:00 will be processed on the following business day. In cases where the order placed does not fall on a business day, processing of the order shall commence from the next business day.
    *Note: The time is set to Japan time.
  • You acknowledge and agree not to make any objections to the fact that, depending on age or place of residence, and under any applicable laws and regulations, or when deemed necessary by SENSATEC, you may be subject to certain restrictions from which you may not be eligible to purchase certain products.

Article 3.  Settlement and Delivery

  • The available payment methods for the purchased product are bank transfer, and PayPal. You are responsible for the shipping costs, PayPal settlement fees or banking charges.
  • The payment method you have selected in the order entry screen may not be changed once the purchase agreement has been made under Article 2.
  • Any delivery dates provided on the website or notified via email in connection with your order are estimates, and SENSATEC can neither ensure that they are accurate nor guarantee a timely delivery. You will be notified via email in the event that a delivery is delayed significantly beyond the separately designated delivery date.
  • Please be advised that delivery may be delayed due to force majeure including but not limited to earthquake, typhoon, fire, and other natural disasters or other unavoidable circumstances including but not limited to transportation difficulties.
  • SENSATEC takes no responsibility for any damages incurred directly or indirectly by any person placing an order or any other third party, resulting from any delay in the delivery of the product.
  • The product is deemed to have been delivered to you upon its arrival at your delivery location.
  • In case dispatched products are returned due to an untraceable address or because of your personal preferences, we will retain such items for a period of one month. After this time has passed, the ownership of the product shall be deemed to have been waived by you and you may no longer be entitled to make any claims or demands with respect to that product.

Article 4.  Dispatch of Order

  • Payment via bank transfer or PayPal

    Your order will be dispatched within one week after verification of your payment. (For items in Standard Inventory only)

  • Make-to-order Products

    Make-to-order products will be dispatched upon completion of production, regardless of the payment method used.

  • Place of Delivery

    The ordered product will be delivered by the freight company designated by SENSATEC to the place of delivery you have designated when placing an order, and shall be quoted in the issued purchase order. Products may not be deliverable to any regions other than the ship-to areas supported by our designated freight company. Should your ordered product prove to be undeliverable, please contact us via the inquiry form through "Contact Us" on this website. Such exceptional shipment may be available for a charge.

  • Time and Date of Delivery

    Any delivery dates provided on the website or notified via email in connection with your order are estimates, and SENSATEC can neither ensure that they are accurate nor guarantee timely delivery. You will be notified via email in the event that delivery is delayed significantly beyond the separately designated delivery date. Please be advised that delivery may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances including but not limited to transportation difficulties. SENSATEC takes no responsibility for any damages incurred directly or indirectly by any person placing an order or by any other third party, resulting from any delay in the delivery of the product.

  • Refusal of Acceptance of Delivery

    We ask that you please not refuse to accept the delivered product. In the event that you refuse to accept a delivery, you must bear any related shipping costs actually incurred, and if such a case occurs, SENSATEC reserves the right to refuse subsequent orders you may place in future.

  • Shipment to Overseas (Outside Japan)

    Products may not be deliverable to any regions other than the ship-to areas supported by the freight company in charge of delivering the ordered products. However, they may not be deliverable even to those ship-to areas in the event of emergencies such as natural disasters and changes in social conditions. Also, you cannot select delivery to Japan via this website (in English). For delivery to Japan, please contact us via the inquiry form through "Contact Us" on this website.

  • Customs Clearance

    In case of delivery to overseas (outside Japan), products may be subject to duty, tax and VAT when being cleared through Customs, as well as clearance fees depending on the country. Taxes and duties will be calculated and invoiced based on the product price and shipping fees shown on the applicable invoice. The Customs requirements vary greatly from country to country. Please check with your local Customs agency for more details. Please be advised that delivery may be delayed beyond the scheduled delivery date due to clearance delay.

Article 5.  Sales Price

  • SENSATEC has the right, at any time, to make changes to the product price displayed on the website. In the event the product price has been changed, such changes shall apply only to the transactions made after such price change. Please note that SENSATEC shall in no way make any compensation or discounts with regard to the transactions made prior to such a price change.
  • Although our aim is to provide you via the website with price information that is as accurate as possible, the price offered online may differ from the actual sales price due to human error. In such a case, in accordance with Article 95 “Contract rendered invalid on the grounds of miscomprehension” of the Civil Code of Japan and by using a communication method that we deem appropriate, we may either notify you of the correct price after the order has been placed and confirm your intentions to purchase the product or cancel the original order and ask you to re-submit the order.
  • The product prices posted on this website are exclusive of consumption taxes, and they do not include its optional products, shipping costs, packaging costs, transport insurance, overheads, and/or sales commissions. The sales price will always be the total amount indicated at the time of final settlement of purchases made as per the purchasing process of this website.
  • The shipping costs for orders placed via the shopping carts in this website are as shown in the list of shipping costs.

Article 6.  Maximum Limit and Quantity of Purchase

Please be advised that each purchase order shall have the limit of a maximum of 10 pieces for each item.

Article 7.  Returns and Exchanges

  • As a rule, we do not accept any returns or exchanges for products because of your personal preferences (including but not limited to any products ordered by mistake or not supported by your device) or for any products meeting SENSATEC sales standards(hereinafter,“Return(s) and Exchange(s)”).

    (1) Regardless of the above, we take the responsibility to exchange products purchased from this website, that have been damaged upon delivery due to accidents in transit, or those that do not correspond to the ordered information.

    (2) In case Returns and Exchanges take place subject to the foregoing provision, products shall be returned “as is” in the same condition as they were received. Similarly, any Returns and Exchanges for products delivered as a set will only be accepted as a set of products.

    (3) In case of a request for exchange of the product based on the preceding two paragraphs, please be advised that it may take some time to process your request depending on the quantity of items in the order.

  • Any Returns and Exchanges under the preceding Article shall be made within 7 days after receiving the delivery (hereinafter, “Return Date”). Check that the product is in good condition promptly after delivery.

    (1) Regardless of the Return Date above, SENSATEC cannot accept Returns and Exchanges for products that are already unsealed or used, or for products that are damaged or defaced for reasons attributable to you.

    (2) In case any product is returned contrary to the preceding paragraph, such a returned product will be sent back to the sender’s address or otherwise discarded.

  • In certain cases, we may exceptionally accept your request for an exchange based on your personal preference, provided that any Return and Exchange shipping costs as well as any difference in product price arising from the exchange are agreed to be your own responsibility. Please note that we do not accept any returns once a product has been used.
  • In the event any Returns and Exchanges are to be made subject to the foregoing provision in paragraph 1, please contact as detailed below “Contact Us”.

    [Contact Us]
    3-27-12, Oicho Namikawa, Kameoka-shi, Kyoto, 621-0013, Japan
    Open hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00
    *Note: The time is set to Japan time.
    (other than national holidays, yearend-New Year's extended holiday, and other SENSATEC holidays)
    Inquiry Form:
    *Inquiries from overseas are available only via email to be sent through "Contact Us" in this website.
    *Contact from Sensatec Co., Ltd. is sent by e-mail from the following domain. Please set the receiving setting by the customer.

  • SENSATEC may refuse to accept any returns made without sending us an inquiry message first. In such a case, we will take no responsibility for any related fees incurred with respect to such returns.
  • In the event that products targeted for Returns and Exchanges on the grounds that they are defective or faulty are found to be normal after an examination carried out by SENSATEC, we will ask that you bear any and all overheads and expenses, including examination and freight costs incurred with respect to such returned products. Upon confirmation of your payment of said costs and expenses, the returned product will be sent back to you at your delivery address.

Article 8.  Export

  • SENSATEC welcomes orders from overseas customers in addition to domestic orders. However, please be advised that certain products are not eligible for international shipping service. Any order requiring delivery to an international destination will be subject to the laws, regulations, and directives of Japan concerning export controls.
  • When purchasing SENSATEC product, you agree to comply with any restrictions, laws or regulations of any domestic or foreign agency or authority applicable to export controls. You shall not either directly or indirectly sell, export, transport, transfer, use, or otherwise dispose of the product in violation of the restrictions, laws or regulations of any domestic or foreign agency or authority applicable to export controls.
  • You are responsible for obtaining the license and other official authorization required for the export, re-export, or import of the products. Shipment of products to destinations in conflict with the laws and regulations of Japan is prohibited.
  • You ensure that any products purchased via this website, or any devices manufactured that incorporate such product items that are subject to the export and re-export control of the laws and regulations of Japan and related countries, comply with all applicable laws and regulations. You shall not directly or indirectly export or re-export the product to any countries or regions where export or re-export is prohibited.
  • You shall, at your own cost and sole responsibility, obtain any license, authorization, and others necessary for the application of export or re-export of the product, and submit reports and notifications as necessary.
  • If you wish to export or re-export the product, you are to check the recipient and the intended use regardless of whether the target product is subject to control or not. In case of any risk of it being used for the development, manufacture, use, or storage of weapons of mass destruction, or if it is learned that it is or it may be for military purpose and research, then you are not to export or re-export the product.
  • SENSATEC and its manufacturers and suppliers shall take no responsibility whatsoever for any damages and losses that may arise as a consequence of your illegal export or re-export in violation of the above.

Article 9.  Transfer of Ownership and Risk of Loss

The risk of loss and ownership of the product purchased in the website shall pass to you at the time of delivery to you by the freight company, in accordance with the agreement on shipment, and regardless of the payment and shipment method you have selected.

Article 10.  Warranty Period and Scope

  • Warranty period of the product shall be one year from delivery to the designated place. Provided, however, this shall not apply to international shipment or export to overseas.
  • If a fault occurs during above warranty period due to poor workmanship of our product, we will repair or exchange the product. However, if cause of failure falls under any of the following, this warranty shall not apply.

    (1) Any fault arising from use in an environment or in conditions not specified in the catalog, instruction manual, specifications and other sources provided within the website.

    (2) Any fault not attributable to SENSATEC product.

    (3) Any fault arising from repairs or alterations performed by a third party.

    (4) Any fault that has been unpredictable due to the level of science and technology available at the time of delivery by SENSATEC.

    (5) Any fault beyond the control of SENSATEC due to force majeure, including natural disaster or other disasters.

  • The warranty here refers to the warranty of the actually delivered product, and does not cover any damage resulting from a fault in the delivered product.
  • Any costs and expenses accompanying the exchange operation (including but not limited to labor costs, transportation fees and compensation for damages) will not be covered under the warranty.
  • Do not use the product in a way that presents a significant hazard to people or property.
  • When the product is used for applications in devices relating to nuclear power facilities, rail, aviation, automotive, medical institutions, and various safety devices, you should use the product only after giving consideration to the inclusion of fail-safes in your designs to prevent secondary accidents and maintain total system safety.

Article 11.  Prohibited Acts

Any of the acts corresponding to the following are prohibited. You are responsible for any damages incurred by SENSAEC as a result of your actions in breach of this Article:

(1) Any act that will or may conflict with local laws and regulations, the Terms and Conditions herein, and precautions described on this website.

(2) Any act that disturbs or is objectionable to other customers and third parties.

(3) Any act that causes any damage or disadvantage to SENSATEC and other third-party rights, benefits, and reputation.

(4) Any act of disrupting the service provided in this website.

(5) Any act of entering false or inaccurate information.

(6) Any writing and distributing harmful computer programs and emails.

(7) Any act falling under unauthorized access or risk of unauthorized access.

(8) Committing any other acts SENSATEC deems inappropriate.

Article 12.  Restrictions

If you are engaged in any of the actions or omissions below, SENSATEC may, at its sole discretion, limit or terminate the use of the service in the website:

(1) Any of the acts described in Article 11 “Prohibited Act”.

(2) Late payment of debts with respect to the fees for the SENSATEC service and other defaults.

Article 13.  Termination

  • In case of falling under any of the following, SENSATEC may, at its sole discretion, terminate the sales and purchase agreement entered between you and SENSATEC without giving prior notice, take other appropriate actions, and shall not be held liable in any way for damages suffered by you as a consequence thereof:

    (1) In circumstances where products have been shipped but deemed undeliverable and returned to SENSATEC due to untraceable address, unknown destination, or long absence of recipient.

    (2) If fact that you are or may become insolvent becomes known to SENSATEC.

    (3) In case the ordered product is out of stock, and determined as undeliverable.

    (4) In case of breach of any of the Terms or Conditions stipulated by SENSATEC.

  • SENSATEC reserves the right to cancel all or part of the sales and purchase agreement entered between you and SENSATEC prior to delivery of your order. SENSATEC shall not be in any way liable for any damages you may suffer due to the cancellation thereof.
  • The exercising of right to cancel the agreement under the preceding paragraph 1 and 2 shall not prevent SENSATEC from claiming compensation for damages.

Article 14.  Disclaimer

  • SENSATEC does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or usefulness of information on this website regarding price displays, description of items and other contents regarding this service.
  • Items you purchased through the service of this website are guaranteed according to the attached instruction manuals unless otherwise specified.
  • In case of necessity for regular maintenance or emergency maintenance of the system, or in case of trouble with the system service due to fire, blackout, sabotage by a third party, or other matters that cannot be controlled by SENSATEC, or in case that SENSATEC deemed it necessary, this service may be delayed, modified, temporarily/intermittently interrupted, or may be revoked or abolished, where SENSATEC is not liable for any losses of yours or a third party’s caused by or related to it.
  • In case you cause damage to other customers or third parties by using this service, you are to solve it on your own responsibility and cost, and you must not cause any damage to SENSATEC.
  • You are to pay for any expenses, fees or other risks of necessary devices on your own in order to use services on this website.
  • SENSATEC provides absolutely no guarantee as to the safety, integrity, accuracy, applicability, or usefulness of our service. Same shall apply to the following:

    (1) Any loss or damage arising as a result of system interruption, temporary unavailability, cessation, or loss of data due to technical problems regarding communication lines, computers, etc, or inappropriate access, or for any loss or damage that member customers may incur regarding any other service of SENSATEC.

    (2) Any loss or damage arising as a result of computer viruses or other harmful element contained in the contents of emails transmitted to you from the website or SENSATEC’s server domain.

    (3) Any loss or damage due to breach by you of this Terms and Conditions stipulated in this website.

    (4) Any loss or damage incurred by a third party arising from your use of the service in this website.

    (5) Any forgone profit caused in connection with your access to or use of or inability to use this website and other damages resulting from special circumstances.

Article 15.  Modification/Abolition of Services Offered on this website

SENSATEC has the right to modify and abolish all or any part of the services offered on this website at our sole discretion.

Article 16.  Intellectual Property Rights

  • All intellectual property rights on this website (including but not limited to copyright, trademark, design rights, and know-how) including documents, images, and other contents (including but not limited to characters, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, edited data, and software) are owned by SENSATEC or the distributor of the contents, and are protected by relevant domestic and foreign laws.
  • Any actions exceeding your private use of this information, images, etc. that have been provided by SENSATEC (such as reproduction, release, transfer, or reprint without permission) are prohibited and considered an infringement of intellectual property rights.

Article 17.  Compliance Requirements

You are to comply with the following requirements in using this website. If you violate any of the following requirements, SENSATEC may revoke your use of this website.
  • To use this website and involved programs in a way that is specified in these Terms and Conditions or by SENSATEC.
  • Not to commit crimes or any other actions that cause damage to SENSATEC or a third party.
  • Not to have intimate relationships that benefit anti-social forces.
  • Not to have business relationships with anti-social forces.

Article 18.  Personal Information

Your personal information will be used appropriately and managed safely in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For details see our Privacy Policy.

Article 19.  Modification of this Terms and Conditions

  • SENSATEC has the right to modify or revise these Terms and Conditions at any time at our sole discretion. When these Terms and Conditions are modified, you are to comply with the modified version of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Modified Terms and Conditions become valid once they are displayed online unless otherwise specified by SENSATEC.

Article 20.  Governing Law and Court of Exclusive Jurisdiction

  • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  • For any disputes that may arise between you and SENSATEC regarding this website or these Terms and Conditions, the parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kyoto District Court.

[Supplementary] This Terms and Conditions shall be effective as of August 1, 2016.

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